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Ancient stone lock sits on top of a mountain
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Summit is a puzzle solving game where Player must unlock ancient stone lock. Each stone is connected to its neighbours. Take up the challenge and venture through 20 levels in 3 world.

Game Mechanics

A puzzle game with n*n grid in the middle. Grid is filled with switches that have on and off states. When player flips the switch all its neighbors are flipped as well. The goals is to flip off al the switches. To add complexity, the there are multiple switch types

  • Simple on/off switch
  • Switch with multiple on states off->on-1->on-2->….on-N->off
  • Switch that takes more than one cells in the grid

Visual Language

All of the models are low poly with hard cube edges. The background is made of couple pillars with simple textures with fog that helps player focus on the pillar where the game takes place and a shader that blends between two colors.