Customizable Windows tiling manager.
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  • Install setup.exe
  • The default profile has 2x2 grid just like in windows. Take a look at the keyboard shortcuts in the Actions section in right panel.
  • Click Start in the lower right corners. The application starts running. You can minimize the window.
  • You can now move and expand focused windows with those shortcuts mentioned previously.


WinTile is easy to use, customizable windows tiling manager. Move and expand windows easily with hotkeys. It should work on windows that have .NET 4.5 and higher.


Original windows tiling (Areo Snap) and similar implementations were limited, they lacked keyboard binding and custom layouts.

How does it work

WinTile is a simple WPF app, that wraps around native windows user32.dll API. It can start with windows and bind hotkeys at start. Hotkeys are registered globally with User32.RegisterHotKey and User32.UnregisterHotKey. Each action uses User32.SetWindowPos in some sense and couple other methods.